Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Adventures of Curzano

It all started with a book on sale called Felted Crochet. I just thought maybe I should try felting something, you know, cause the pictures in the book were so great.

I went home and looked at my stash of yarn. To my dismay I realized all of my yarn is not the correct type of yarn to use for felting; well all except one small little ball of orange, 100% virgin wool.

Orange is my eldest son's favorite color and he pleaded for me to make him a tic tac toe game. I told him I didn't have enough yarn and I stared to crochet something. It got to the point where I needed to stuff whatever I was making, so I referred to my book on felted crocheting.

Jane Davis, the author of the book, told me I needed to stitch tight so the stuffing wouldn't show through after felting. Had I stitched tight? I looked over my crochet with a critical eye and realized I hadn't stitched ultra tight. Back I went to my yarn stash and found a few other balls of orange yarn; these ones wouldn't felt but they would work great as stuffing.

After stuffing my piece I continued crocheting. The figure of a cat took shape. My children named him Curzano and I called him Curz.

I told him what was going to happen next and he was outraged.
"Madam," he said, "I am a cat. I refuse to be treated like that!" He gave me a scowl and folded his arms.

"But Curz, It will make you look wonderful," I told him.

"I am already as beautiful as I wish to be," he said.

"Surely, you could stand to have a little more fuzz in your fur?"

"No!" he said and then he turned his back to me.

I ignored him and picked up his little body and stuck him in a bowl of hot, soapy water.

After a thorough scrubbing and rubbing I rinsed him off several times in ice water. He was miserable, wet, and angry. I pushed and molded him back into shape and folded his little arms for him. With care I placed him into a clean butter container to dry.

His little eyes looked up over the rim at me accusingly. "Stay there and dry," I said.

"Grrr!" he said.

I feel sorry for the little cat with his fur all ruffled. I'm off to the store to see if I can find some great yarn to make Curz some company; you know, cause misery loves company.


  1. Like always, I just love what you make and do! I am also trying to felt items for the moment... I make felted hats (I mean, I am trying to...) I use special felt yarn, but that is too thick for your ami's... I think.
    I have a question for you : is it possible to make a tuto for the flower-pens? (I want to try to make them, and I understand how to make the 'cover of the pen', but the flower and the attachment of the flower is still a mystery to me... :)

  2. Thank you! I would love to make a pattern for you. I will work on it this weekend. :)

  3. cute..can you please add the pattern for this kitty ?

  4. My friend made a felted wool really works when you crochet with wool yarn! Adorable cat, by the way!

  5. So sorry Monali Mishra I didn't write a pattern for him...he just sort of happened while I crocheted.