Monday, April 18, 2011


5sc in a circle
Rnd 1: 2sc in each sc around (10)
Rnd 2: *sc1, 2sc in next st* repeat around (15)
Rnd 3-4: sc around (15)
Rnd 5: *decrease, sc1* repeat around (10)
Rnd 6: sc around (10)
Rnd 7: decrease, sc5, decrease, sc1 (8)
Rnd 8: decrease to 5, stitch closed hole and leave a short tail for root.

Leaves (make 3)
sc8 in a circle
sl st to first st, ch7, sl st 6 starting in 2nd ch from hook, sc3, sl st 1
Sew onto top of radish

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