Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mini Turnip

I almost forgot to put on the turnip. With it you have an even ten vegetables for the hungry bunny.

sc5 in a circle
Rnd 1: 2sc in each sc around (10)
Rnd 2: *sc1, 2sc in next st* repeat around (15)
Rnd 3: *2 sc in next st, sc2* repeat around (20)
Rnd 4-5: sc around (20)
Rnd 6: switch to white, sc around (20)
Rnd 7: *decrease, sc2* repeat around (15) Stuff
Rnd 8: *sc1, decrease* repeat around (10)
Rnd 9: decrease around (5)
Sew up hole leave a tail for the root.

Leaves (make one little, one big)
sc5 in a circle
Rnd 1: 2sc in first 4sc, ch4, turn, sc3, sl st in next sc (stop here for little leaf), tc2 in next st then sl st in same st.
Sew to top of turnip.


  1. Is there any possible way I could buy a turnip from you to make it into a Christmas ornament for my fiance? He is the one who knows how to crochet.

  2. philanthropologist: I guess I could make you one. I'd have no idea what to charge though. Send me an e-mail:

  3. very nice thank you for sharing. And so nice of you to make one into a ornament for Philanthropologist. Made me smile. ~ Brenda

  4. This is the cutest pattern but one thing. Can you tell me what size hook and color yarn you used? That purple looks really pretty!!

    1. I used an f hook and I just used a small ball of purple from my stockpile of yarn. I'm not sure what color it was. It was a medium-weight acrylic though. I hope that helps. Happy crocheting!